Canadian East Coast

Halifax, Charlottetown, Moncton in Canada
June 15, 2019 Travel

So this post is actually two separate trips! I visited Halifax for a couple days in early November of last year for a conference, but didn't do much since I wasn't there for long (and it poured one of the two days I was there). The second trip was earlier this month, I went to Moncton with a few coworkers as we had a call center there, and we decided to go up earlier on the weekend so we could drive around a bit and explore PEI!

Halifax (Nov 2018)

Like I said, I didn't do much exploring here, but did walk around the Halifax harbour a bit and enjoy some seafood! One of my coworkers who was also at the conference with me had a car, so we drove a little bit out to visit Fisherman's Cove. I wish that I had gone to visit Peggy's Cove too, but I can do that another time!

While I was here, I ate at Shuck Seafood + Raw Bar, The Five Fishermen, and The Bicycle Thief, all of which were delicious!

Another thing I did was bring some lobster back to Toronto - since the flight was within the country, I could bring the live lobsters as a carry-on onto the plane. We got our lobsters from Fisherman's Market, and they back it up for you with like frozen peas so you can bring it onto the plane. My lobsters were not this size - but checkout the massive lobster that they had!

PEI (June 2019)

The second time that I was on the east coast, I flew into Moncton (in New Brunswick) instead of Halifax, and spent the weekend driving around the east coast before working in Moncton for a couple days. One of the weekend days we were there, the weather was decent, and the other day it was raining, unfortunately. We spent most of our time driving around PEI, and stayed in Charlottetown overnight. Some of the stops were Cavandish Beach, Argyle Shore Provincial Park, Greenwich National Park.

My favourite place that I ate at on this trip was Richard's. It's a little seafood shack at the north of the island, and their hot butter lobster sandwich is delicious! We also ate at Water Prince Corner Shop, and Windows on the Water.


One of the days after work, we drove out to Hopewells Rocks Provincial Park, which is really cool because the tide gets really high at the park (but it can also be dangerous if you get stuck down there). Luckily, we went when the tide was low, so we were able to walk around outside. It's super cool seeing the tide change throughout the day in Moncton, you can see it as well in the main river that runs through Moncton, since it's connected to the sea. We also visited the Magnetic Hill in Moncton, which is an illusion where it looks like you're rolling upwards on a hill (but it's actually still downwards). It's fun to experience, so definitely check that out if you're every in the area!